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  REEI Project
The Project idea is to develop an international research to carry out a detailed survey on preschool services and on the involvement of families in education activities with children aged 0-6, comparing the ways different countries organize educational services, focusing in particular on the quality criteria applied. The project is part of the program of development of early learning, and it requires the active, involved and motivated participation of the local authorities so that the good prospects of project can be realized. Aim: Creating a European Educational Network, with the participation of Latin America, who do researches, experience and disseminate good practices identified in the field of childhood, which is able to meet the demand for greater professionalism and quality of services offered taking into account the complexity of the world of childhood and of all disciplines related to it. The basis of the project is the idea that improving the quality of life of the child is the basis of civil society and the international involvement reflects the desire of all want to contribute to the creation of the Charter of Rights of the United Nations. Objective: creation of a structure able to guarantee the quality of services offered in childhood, coordinating local authorities, children and families school staff, while respecting the cultural differences of each partner country. Innovative and integrative services: Innovative services implemented in the construction of the Project are: a) the kind of service: space for play, family centers, childhood centers, playgrounds, libraries, children's games.. b) the mode of management: state, local, municipal, private, social, mixed... c) training, roles and tasks of personnel: administrators / organizers, psychologists, educators, animators ... Results: the project is realized in 3 years: 1st year: the creation of an European website; the elaboration of future research and experimental projects. 2nd and 3th year: the start up and implementation of research and experimental projects; the construction of European Dynamic Models of innovative infancy services that take into account the peculiarities and the contexts of the different countries; the evaluation of the processes involved and of the results obtained; Validation.
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