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Certification TCS Training Competences and Skills
Our target participants: TCS Certification can be requested by any teacher who wants a recognition of their Master/Course or has an equivalent title and wants to have recognition of his skills. Certification TCS Recognition of Teacher’s competences and skills Validity:  3 years (annual renewal)  Fee:Contact us for information Certification’s Goals TCS Certification on the TEACHER PROFESSIONALISM teaches competences that concern: •	improvement of educational processes and  teacher’s intervention methodologies; •	enhancement of teacher’s human and professional resources within the system and services of Professional Education Bodies. The fulfilment of TCS Certification on TEACHER PROFESSIONALISM allow to achieve the following formative goals: •	a spread of didactic methodology and evaluation standard which allow to: 	1.	create and develop a scientific attitude, a common pedagogic language, shared methodological parameters;  	2.	to be contextualize and customize based on teacher’s pedagogic experience; •	formation of expert teachers in educational methodology, social and cognitive problems, learning evaluation; •	Documented production of good practice in the pedagogical area, mostly with original didactic material organized by rules and tools of Educational Science and shared via internet so as to create a bank of “good practices” which would be available to other experimentation. •	development of strong motivation in the participant teachers, since they are involved in the expression and enhancement of their competences and professional potentiality; •	participation of Professional Educating Body, with contributions on the development and supervision of teacher’s didactic interventions. Further Information ENTER TCS WEBSITE